Four generations strong.

There’s no such thing as small business - at least not where Northern Bottling Company is concerned. Our beginnings are humble, as any four-generation family business can surely tell you, yet our daily operation is anything but. We employ 125 team members (and growing!) and canvas a service area of 41,700 square miles. Our service fleet includes 51 vehicles and 20 different routes. It’s rare to spend a day in our coverage area and not see one of our trucks roll by.

Since 1951, the Gokey family has owned Northern Bottling Company which has provided a vast portfolio of premium beverages to our customers in the food and beverage industry, including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr Pepper brands, Starbucks, Gatorade, Klarbrunn, BUBBL’R, Lipton, and Ocean Spray. Our team of beverage experts helps grocers, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, healthcare, education, and businesses provide the options and service their customers want.

The Gokey family’s mission, vision, and values are reflected in the day-to-day operation of Northern Bottling Company. From how we hire and train to the business relationships we maintain to the various ways we love to support our communities, we embody the service principles our company was founded on. Our future is contingent upon upholding the passion and dedication we’ve always been known for.

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