Submit Donation Requests for Products for Your Fundraiser

Northern Bottling Company has been serving our communities since 1951. Our goal is to help the organizations, events, and happenings in our surrounding areas be even more successful. And yes, if we can help alleviate some of the work and support your cause through beverage donations, we’d love to.

Our company has established criteria for donations based on equality and fair distribution in the communities we serve. These guidelines also help us maintain a direction of focus and commitment levels as we determine who and how to support a wide range of organizations.

  • The organization must be non-profit and be part of one of the communities we serve. If the request is for a specific event, the event must be within one of the communities we serve.
  • Requests must be formally submitted via the Northern Bottling Company request form.
  • Northern Bottling Company’s selection committee meets twice a month to approve pending requests for donations. Due to that timeline, please submit your request at least three weeks in advance for inclusion for selection.


As an organization, we’re dedicated to assisting children, athletics, and the greatest number of people within the communities we serve. These events and organizations are given priority.